Awesome New Additions To Thrive Content Builder

I did a review of Thrive Content Builder (TCB) back in May, but a lot has changed in the 3 months since then.

When you purchase a Shane Melaugh created product, one thing that you can count on is frequent updates to his products. And not just some small, random bug fixes. But awesome new features that always make me smile whenever they get posted on the ThriveThemes blog.

For those of you who haven't been exposed to Thrive Content Builder yet, it's a wordpress plugin that replaces the default WordPress editor and allows you to add custom Thrive elements to create highly converting landing pages. No custom coding is required and everything can be added to your page in real-time just by dragging and dropping elements on your page.

In fact, this post is written inside of Thrive Content Builder so I can demonstrate some of the new features that were added.

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4 Simple Steps To Boost Your Google Page Speed Score


After my last post on the Fastest WordPress Themes, I thought the next logical step was to see what it would take to boost any site’s Page Score to as close to 100% as possible. So for this post, I decided to take a look at this site, SlickWP and see what things I could do to improve my Page Score.

What I came up with, are four actionable steps that any WordPress owner can take right now to improve their Page Score rating.

What’s the point of doing this whole exercise?

Amazon has even calculated that a page load slowdown of just one second could cost it $1.6 billion in sales each year. (source)

Slow loading websites make a bad impression on your visitors, so anything you can do to make your site load faster is worth doing.

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Top 5 Responsive Genesis Child Themes


The Genesis Theme Framework is widely considered to be the best theme framework available for WordPress at the moment. It is easy to use (with a little practice) and very easy to maintain. But more than that, it lets you build fast, SEO friendly, secure and attractive websites. It’s popularity is also partly due to the amazing range of support and child themes available.

Now mobile devices of all sizes are taking over much of the world’s online browsing time.  Getting your website to display correctly on mobile devices can be a major task. Gone are the days where folks maintained different versions of their website for desktop vs. mobile. Now you want a website that will render correctly, no matter what device or screen size it is accessed from.

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My Top 10 Fastest WordPress Themes


Having a highly optimized and fast WordPress theme is an important factor to consider when picking out a theme for your site. A slow website not only creates a poor user experience for your visitors, but it may also contribute in your site getting lower Google rankings then it deserves as well.

I was curious to see what were some of the fastest (and slowest) WordPress themes that I currently own and have access to. So I decided to do a simple test and try to rank them.

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How To Schedule Automatic WordPress Backups


Making regular backups of their website is something everyone knows they should be doing. But are you actually doing it? I’m guessing probably not.

Bad things can strike your site (or sites) at any time. When that happens, it can take up lots of time restoring them to their former state. Or worse case, you could even risk losing your entire site completely.

The reason why I think most people don’t make backups is that it often feels like it is too much of a hassle. I know I’m like that myself. Especially since I own several sites, spanning across multiple web hosting accounts.

While I have been a loyal BackupBuddy user for years, I was only using it for performing sporadic manual backups, like when I wanted to move a site over to a different web host. So I would often have backups that were years old. Unfortunately, that turned out to be a big mistake.

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